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Energy Research Workshop 1


The University of San Carlos Center for Research in Energy Systems and Technologies (USC CREST) invites faculty researchers to the

USC CREST Energy Research Workshop 1

3-5 June 2019, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
University of San Carlos, Talamban, Cebu City, Philippines

Energy Research Workshop 1 introduces participants to software tools for energy research, specifically to EnergyPlus, QGIS, and HOMER. The 3-day workshop features lecture/discussions and hands-on training.


Day 1 | 03 June 2019

Introduction to Building Energy Modeling (BEM) Using EnergyPlus and SketchUp

This workshop will explore how building energy models help facility managers understand building energy performance and improve energy efficiency in buildings and other types of built environment.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyse building energy performance using BEM
  2. Identify retrofits and other energy efficiency options based on BEM simulation results


  1. BEM relevance to the industry and academe
  2. Fundamental BEM principles
  3. BEM simulation based on building fabric, occupancy and equipment operation

Day 2 | 04 June 2019

Solar PV Farm Siting Using QGIS Based on Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis

This workshop is intended primarily for those without working knowledge of QGIS software. It is designed for faculty researchers who want to learn using a Geographic Information System (GIS) software in finding a suitable location for a solar PV farm considering multiple constraints.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply the basics of QGIS software to GIS-based projects
  2. Integrate spatial data in QGIS to site a solar PV farm using Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)


  1. Basic functions and tools in QGIS
  2. Creating a simple map layout
  3. Creating a solar PV farm suitable location map based on a digital elevation map (DEM), transmission line locations, and roads
  4. Finding a suitable site for solar PV farms using MCDA

Day 3 | 05 June 2019

Mini-grid Design Optimisation Using HOMER Software

Provision of quality electricity to off-grid, energy-deficient communities must consider a combination of various energy sources - from diesel generators to renewable energy technologies. This workshop introduces faculty researchers to the HOMER software, a techno-economic optimisation tool useful to design mini-grids for off-grid communities.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Perform load profiling for an off-grid island community
  2. Design a mini-grid for an off-grid island community
  3. Analyse mini-grid techno-economics using the HOMER software


  1. Understanding energy access
  2. Introduction to HOMER
  3. Creating a load profile
  4. Design optimisation of a mini-grid

Speakers and Facilitators

USC CREST Faculty Researchers

Engr. Isabelo Rabuya, Engr. Mark Anthony Cabilo, Engr. Jaybee Lacea, Engr. Lorafe Lozano, Engr. Edward Querikiol, Engr. Jonathan Colina, Engr. Arben Vallente, Engr. Jason Muring, Dr. Michael Loretero, Dr. Luzvisminda Bellotindos

USC CREST Research Assistants

Engr. Dave Pojadas, Engr. Ivan John Naparota, Engr. Teepu Cedi Camba, Engr. Philip Caesar Ebit, Engr. Jeffrey Cepedoza, Engr. Zeus Joseph Garcia, Engr. Melissa Libres, Engr. Lanie Calabio, Engr. Dindo Iyog, Engr. Kevin Mark Guioguio, Engr. Irish May Saludar

Who Can Join?

Applicants must have the following qualifications:

  1. A current fulltime faculty member in a CHED-recognized Philippine Higher Education Institution (HEI)
  2. Must bring his/her own laptop during the workshop

Only 30 slots are available!


This workshop is funded by a CHED Newton Fund Institutional Links grant. Registration is free and the following will be provided:

  1. Workshop materials
  2. Lunch and snacks for 3 days
  3. Certificate of Completion

USC CREST will not cover any transportation costs for participants. Funding for these and other expenses must be secured from the participant's home HEI.

Application Requirements

To secure a slot in the workshop, applicants must submit the following via email: Filled-out Application Form

Download the Application Form here.

Send your application form to crest@usc.edu.ph with the subject line [ERW] (Your_HEI's_acronym) Application. For example, an application from the University of San Carlos will have the subject line [ERW] USC Application

For Inquiries

Please send your email inquiry to Engr. Isabelo Rabuya at iarabuya@usc.edu.ph with the subject line [ERW] (Your_HEI's_acronym) Inquiry

Important Dates

Application Opens:   15 May 2019

Application Deadline:   24 May 2019

Notice of Acceptance:   27 May 2019

Energy Research Workshop:   3-5 June 2019

The USC CREST Energy Research Workshop 1 is funded by

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