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Our Purpose

The main purpose of this study is for educational. The BSEE students, together with their respective advisers made this study for the requirement for the course EE 4120L RESEARCH PROJECT. The goal is to create an online Energy Dashboard that would be able to display data that is greatly useful for persons and groups who are interested in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7.


The Significance

This study is an initial step of providing data to people interested on the electricity access status in an off-grid microgrid system. The system can potentially be used or patterned to provide further energy access information on other off-grid microgrids that are installed within the country. Consequently, this system can be used as an example in monitoring the improvement of electricity access tier level in rural electrification projects.

The results of this study can also help the students at the University of San Carlos (USC) to have a better understanding of energy access. Specifically, the students who will benefit from this study are the electrical engineering students and those taking the general free elective course on “Energy Wise: Are You Green?” where energy access is one of its topics.

The online energy dashboard is also a great help to those interested in investing in an off-grid solar PV system as the data and information available in the dashboard can be used as a tool to plan and design their project. 




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                                     Energy access, energy efficiency, renewable energy                                Control system, microgrid systems, renewable energy




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